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9 Benefits of playing Basketball for kids

With the beginning of a new academic year, you must be looking for outdoor activities that your kids can pursue in their after-school hours. And these should be able to keep them active, channelize their energies and prove to be a good stress-reliever after a whole day at school!

Basketball, indeed, is a good outdoor activity to fit the bill for a growing child. Encouraging your child to play basketball at a young age will not only help him benefit from the virtues of a rigorous sport, but will also work as a foundation in staying active later in life.

As a sport, this game doesn’t require much in terms of equipment. If you don’t have a basketball court nearby, it shouldn’t stop you from indulging in the game. You can put up hoops or baskets in a large indoor area, or even better; put up one outdoors, or in the open field of your apartment building, in your lawn or in a ground that you regularly visit. A number of sports brands offer equipment like hoops, nets and backboards that can be easily put up and dismantled after use.

So, in what ways can your child benefit from playing basketball?

1. Gives Complete Physical Exercise

Basketball is a brisk sport, involving a lot of running, jumping, dribbling the ball, passing it and shooting it. If your kid’s disinterest in playing sports is visible along with problems like dullness/ laziness or weight issues that are bothering you, then Basketball is a good option, as the continuous movements in the sport help burn calories and lose fat.

2. Builds up Muscles

As this sport involves lot of swift movement and rigorous use of the entire body and muscles and limbs; it will help in toning the body and building muscles in the arms, thighs and calf areas. Your growing boys would so love the idea of flaunting some muscles, likewise your girls will be only too happy to tone their body.

3. Improves Height

For generations now, it’s been said that basketball will make you grow taller. While it’s the natural genes that determine the height of every person, a sport like basketball definitely aids growth. The main body movement, the frequency of movement and the act of jumping while playing the sport have scientifically shown evidence to aid growing children in improving their height.

4. Increases Accuracy &Precision

Shooting the ball into the hoop requires immense concentration, a good aim and great accuracy, all of which can be achieved through a lot of practice. Learning to target and building precision is a life-long skill that your child can benefit from.

5. Inculcates Self-Discipline

Just like every other sport, basketball has a number of rules to follow. And if not followed, that will lead to penalties. So it’s a good way for your child to appreciate the importance of following rules and developing competitive spirit while doing so.

6. Teaches Strategy

Every sport involves certain sure fire strategies to score and win. The dribbling and passing techniques and shooting tips make basketball a very strategic game to play. This is again another essential skill your child can learn as a life lesson.

7. Instills Team Work

Basketball is a wonderful sport to learn to interact and operate in a team and jointly come up with winning plans and tactics. Working as a team while playing is the best way for them to appreciate and adopt team spirit.

8. Helps Make New Friends

We often hear our children saying “I don’t have any friends”. This happens when the child resists from going out of home and getting involved in outdoor sports and activities. Being part a sports team, especially with a game like Basketball that requires a minimum of 5 players on each side, will automatically ensure that your child socialises well and make good friends along the way.

9. Boosts Confidence

Every time your child shoots the ball into the hoop, it will shoot up his self-confidence by leaps and bounds. Their confidence will greatly improve as they gain control over the ball and the strategy of the game, which will reflect in their overall personality.


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